Desktop Support

  • All Hardware and Software Installations.
  • Office Moves & New Installs.
  • Printers/Scanners/Tablets/Phones/Conference Room/Mobile Devices.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Upgrades.
  • End User Troubleshooting.
  • Remote Installations and On-Site Visits. 

Network Administration

  • We maintain the "Standards" based approach, properly administrating all your Organizational Network Needs.
  • Design and Organize Network Mapping and Local Domains.
  • Administrate Local and Network Vendor Accounts.
  • Messaging & Voice Over IP.
  • Wireless Computing.

System Administration

  • Active Directory, User Accounts and Profiles.
  • Exchange, Web, and File Servers.
  • Database & Document Management.
  • Virtualization, Load Balancing, Clustering.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery.

 Cloud Migration and Management

  • Remote Access all your information Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Our Cloud Migration process is seamless, and begins with a standard FILE CABINET approach, designed by your organizational workflow.
  • Security is set by a permission based system, through Company Departments and User Groups.
  • Archiving Workflow and Document Management.
  • Training Provided On-Line and On-Site.

Standard Website Design and Administration

  • We don’t believe in paying large amounts of money for a stylish Website.
  • In Today’s World, there are countless website design templates that enable you to have a wonderful “store-front” style Website.
  • We Offer:
    • A Signature Domain
    • Hosting
    • Full E-mail Administration
    • E-Commerce
    • Dynamic Frameworking for ALL Devices (PC, Tablet, Phone, etc.).

C.R.M. Software

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)  --

  • We offer a CRM that is used for Sales, HR, IT, and Marketing Departments for client lifecycle.
  • Contact Managment and Analyzation of client interactions.
  • Our goal is to improve business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving market value, so Build your own CUSTOM CRM Software TODAY!


Corporate Branding and Marketing Needs

  • We are Experts at Producing “Precise Lines of Communication”, as we Brand and Tell Client Stories that detail your agenda with spectacular quality
  • Our Team is incredibly blessed to include Production Professionals that thrive in the media industry, including:
    • Award Winning Producer Chris Baron:
    • Multi-Media Artist Matthew Bergsma:
    • Writer / Director Justin Foy:
  • Effective Video communication brings incredible value to our Clients, and we are very proud of our work.


  • Day-to-Day needs of your End User.
  • Newly implemented Products, Employees, and Organizational Workflow
  • We pride ourselves at being the best communicators in the business!
  • Our goal is to have your Users grow into Power Users and become sharp assets for your company.
  • From Training Videos, Group Presentations, and One-On-One Sessions, we offer a wide variety of training options based on your employee's needs.