Cloud Management

Cloud Management

  • We Manage and Migrate your Data Infrastructure to the Cloud.
  • Using a Central Filing Cabinet, Public clouds are managed by public cloud service providers.
  • We manage your public cloud environment's servers, storage, networking and data center operations.

Typically this process completes in THREE PHASES:


  • Develop your File Cabinet Approach:
    • How Many Cabinets (Departments)
    • How Many Bins (Folders)
    • How Many Users (Files)

Access Anywhere

  • Access your files Anywhere Anytime!
  • Mobile Devices
  • Remote Access


  • Set Your Permissions
  • Set Your Access
  • Set Your Admins

Migrate and Sync

  • Upload and Organize¬†your data to a centralized location
  • Set Rules for current and future use
  • Begin Sync
  • Train for Daily Operations

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