About Us

JUSTIN FOY (President, Owner)

  • Manages Client Accounts as the main on-site point of contact.

  • 15 years of Technical Support Management experience, engaging a highly effective and friendly approach.

  • Customer Service oriented bringing a unique value to your  IT Management Team.

GREG FOY (PMP, Partner)

  • Founding Partner and IT Management Expert

  • 30+ Years of Outstanding CIO Level Leadership

  • Results Oriented for Highly Dependable Project Management

BizNex, LLC has been in business providing quality IT Management and rapid customer service, since 2006.

We understand that your IT Services are a very intimate and sensitive subject. We believe that your IT Managers need to be your most honorable and loyal confidants in the business.

At BizNex, we offer the MOST talented and trusted group of IT Business Consultants in Whatcom County.

Each Consultant carries their own expertise, covering all areas of your IT needs, including local Network Administration, Active Directory, Exchange, Web, and Application Server Administration; as well as a strong focus on Cloud Migration into Microsoft Office 365 Environments.

No matter if you have only a few machines on a small Workgroup Network, or a full fleet Domain Network, we can service your IT needs. Our goal is to stabilize small business networks so that your IT needs begin to decrease, as your productivity begins to increase.

Together we care for a variety of businesses that demand IT workflow everyday.   

We service the IT needs for Blythe Plumbing & Heating, Trillium Corporation, Management Services Northwest, JIJ Corp, Kelley Insurance Agency and some other small businesses in Whatcom County.   

We specifically pursue customers that are ready to conduct IT Management using the "standards based" model.   It is the most effective and least costly method for deploying and maintaining computer and other information assets at maximum up time.

Because we currently number in size at around 15  people, we are able to respond quickly to clients.   Someone is always available by phone, e-mail, and scheduled onsite visits.  

Preventative maintenance adds to the stability of our clients installations and when coupled with standards based configurations you will find our customer references are more than willing to vouch for the results.

We offer the most competitive rates in ALL of Whatcom County!

We also carry relationships with expert Network Architects and Developers, in order to meet all your requirements. These folks typically work at much lower rates when working through Biznex, because of our reputation and long standing relationships within the community.